29 December, 2010

Open Leg Rocker

This exercise challenges your balance, flexibility and strength. Focus on maintaining a constant shape as you rock. If at first you cannot roll completely up, walk your hands up higher toward the calves. 
Imagine rolling your spine against the floor in the same way that a wheel rolls smoothly back and forth.
Keep the naval scooped in.
Keep the arms straight. 
Avoid whipping up. Roll up smoothly with strength and control.

The exercises are slow and controlled, with a lot of body and mind concentration, thereby utilizing the muscles to their maximum capacity. 

How is it different from regular abdominal, back and hip exercises?

The Pilates method utilizes the whole body instead of isolating a muscle and working it.
This increases the level of resistance, making Pilates more intense than regular exercises. 

Pilates exercises help the body much more in daily activities, since Pilates is a form of functional training.
How does Pilates compare to doing abs, hip and back exercises in the gym?
Gym equipment is designed to support the entire body and then isolate and work just one muscle or muscle group.
Pilate’s uses the body as an integrated whole and then works the target muscle, resulting in a stronger body that's more fit to cope with daily activities.
The exercises help you have more control over your body.
It also helps in achieving leaner muscles and good posture. A session of Pilates leaves you feeling taller and lighter.

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