27 February, 2011

Fit Squeeze for Legs

Moving on from abs.

Here we are targeting the leg- thigh muscles.
As you can see, this is super squat. 
Place the Fit squeeze between your knee so that its one end touches your calf and the other touches back of your thigh.
Place the other leg slightly ahead.
Lift the heel of the foot, in which you have placed the fit squeeze.
Bend and lower down.
This is such a superb way of doing a squat and targeting your quadricep that each squat is 3 times more effective than a normal squat.

Next you lie down. 
Bend your knees. Place fit squeeze under one knee and lift this leg up, perpendicular to floor.
Try to squeeze it. The lower leg or calf bends towards the hamstring (back of the thigh). 
Target: Hamstring muscles

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