24 February, 2011

Playing pool games

Today I started my pool exercises for this season. I started by playing few pool games. Jumping around in the pool, gearing up for the upcoming weather. The water was cold but I loved it.

Do you know the advantages of aqua aerobics over other forms of exercises?

You shed 8 times more calories in water.
You tone up much better in water.
You stretch better in water.
You come out feel fresher not sweaty.
You work against the resistance of water.
The buoyancy of water assists you.
You do not need to know swimming to do these exercises because you are standing in water.
You need not even put your face inside water. Hence your skin and hair are not harmed with the harsh chemicals of the pool.
It is much more fun.
You can do all your floor exercises in water- aerobics, kickboxing, weights, yoga, stretching, everything.


  1. I thought water aerobics was for old people. I never saw any young people in water aerobics...

    I guess was I wrong..

    I did not know one burns 8 times more calories.

  2. i love swimming but never did water aerobics

  3. wooooo - I love water too. Great idea to start with the pool even though its still cold.