12 February, 2011

Strength, Stretch, Meditate

What did you do for your workout today.
I focussed on strengthening, stretching, relaxing and Pranayam. Yesterday, I walked exactly 7 kilometers with my dear friend. It felt so invigorating.

Tricep Dips. 

Stregthen, Stretch and Reach.

Meditating. Pranayam. Focussing on Breath.

Gomukh Asana
It is wonderful for people who have cervical problem. But it is also true that people, who have cervical, would not be able to do it. So keep trying. It will help.

What am I wearing

Tracks: Adidas: Gift from a friend, who knows my love for fuschia color
T shirt: Trendy Diva
Shoes: Puma


  1. Sounds like you had a great workout! I am feeling really sick today - I think the lettuce I ate yesterday was not properly washed or something because my tummy is really bad - so I was not really in the mood to do a proper workout. But I did feel like running, so I jogged 3.67 km on the treadmill and followed it with some push ups, crunches, and lots of stretching :)