28 March, 2011

Am Back

Have you been missing me? I have got few emails of some of the regular readers asking about my absence from the Blogosphere.
This is a very quick short post to announce that I am back. Where did I go? What did I do?
All the updates, along with lots of pictures, will follow soon in the upcoming posts.
There is loads to share. So stay tuned in.
This is also a quick post to tell my favorite fellow bloggers, that I have quickly visited your blogs. Though, I have not been able to comment on your lovely posts. I shall be regular now. I missed you as much as you missed me.


  1. good to know that Kiran waiting for your posts

  2. Welcome back :))) My last week and this weekend was so busy. Did not have time to breathe and did not write any post. Now question what was I doing.....nothing..torturing my ears basically.

  3. Thats nice..But then you came here to my place Chennai ,went Via ECR where we are & then Wizzed past to Pondy..If ony one knew you are coming down..

  4. I think I should have read this post first but I went in a descending order. I did miss you Kiran. Now visiting your blog has become a sort of habit.

  5. Welcome back Kiran! Waiting....