11 May, 2011

Drinking water in between the workout hampers weight loss

It is a very controversial post that I am about to write, as a fitness trainer. In fact, I will be contradicting my own self and my many previous posts and articles, written by me and about me. But the facts need to be told.
Everywhere you search on the internet, there is not a single article which says that one must not drink water in between the workout. In fact, I have been quoted in media saying that keep yourself hydrated during workout. It is a myth not to drink water during workout. I could not get hold of a single research that said what I am going to say.
I did my own research- practically on myself and my clients. My years of personal experience proved it that the clients who did not drink water during their workout, lost more weight (not just the water and sweat weight) permanently and long term than those who kept having water in between their workouts.
I have also found the reasoning which explains the same. All the fitness freaks, enthusiasts, knowledgeable people are welcome to pounce on me and say that it is a myth. But, it is a confession time. Me as a trainer, discourages my clients for having water in between their sessions. They can have it after finishing their workout. And they experience better phenomenal results, if they do not have water in between their workouts.
If you do not want to believe this theory, feel free to continue to have small sips of water, before, after and in between your workouts (I have been saying this in public too).
But truth has been told and now I move on.
I have disabled comments in my this post to prevent myself from being bombarded with controversial comments. This is my way of escaping the gallows.