19 October, 2014

8 Fashion disasters while wearing a saree

Here are some common mistakes that should be avoided while wearing a sari.

1. Inappropriate footwear
Ekta Kapoor is known for wearing these ugly sandals with every outfit. Maybe they are too comfortable for her but they are certainly a fashion disaster with a saree. Specially, when a sari is worn so high that they are visible.

2. Visible safety pins
Personally, I do not put safety pins at all. Not even on cottons and chanderis as I have stated here.
But if you must put a pin, make sure it is hidden.

3. Over the top jewelry with sari. 
This is a sure way of giving you TV serial actor look. Avoid over accessorizing with heavy saris.

With net saris, it is advisable to avoid the neck piece. Wear only heavy ear rings/jhumkis/chand balis. Leave the neck bare.

4. Over embellished saree
Anything OTP is an eye sore. Simple and classic saris always look more elegant.

5. Ill fitted blouse.
Ill fitted blouse can kill the entire look.

6. Saris that are not appropriate for the occasion
That is again shown in TV advertisements and daily soaps. Heavy sari worn in kitchen or in office. Looks garish.

7. Badly draped saree
Trying different drapes is good but a bad drape and being too experimental again does not go a long way with a saree.

8. Last but not the least is the petticoat. Make sure the fit of petticoat is correct. It is neither too fluffy nor too narrow. It is not visible from under the saree. It is not longer than the sari. The sari is not draped too high. The color of the petticoat is not visible. All these again can be a fashion disasters while wearing a sari.

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