28 July, 2018

Taj Chambers

I have written about Taj Chambers here earlier. The Chambers, in the Taj hotel, is a VERY exclusive members-only club. The membership is open only by an invite. To commemorate 150 years of the house of Tata, Taj chambers has brought back one of the first known classic menus of the Taj served at Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai in the early 1900's. It is inspired by the culinary techniques pioneered by the late Auguste Escoffier, who established the kitchens at the Pierre- The Taj hotel in New York, which rose to iconic heights for the quality of its fine dining.
This contemporary revival retains its original essence, in presenting the modern sensibility. Vintage dishes such as Medallion de Volaille Jeanette and Conrad en Cocotte Forestier recreated for this menu hark back to a time when slow cooking was not a trend but a norm.

Repeated the Satya Paul saree that has been previously worn here before.

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