02 June, 2010

I love prints

I like interesting prints, color pallets. But it has to be classic. My style is not bohemian but chic and fashionable, trendy, young, stylish and very important- comfortable.
So here is the outfit of the day

Location: Taj Mansingh, Delhi
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Dress: Gift from a friend


  1. I love your dress Kiran.
    (I am definitely a bohemian :-D)

  2. hey kiran..i keep coming back to your blog..love the printed dress..best part is on you it doesnt give a busy look a sprints usually do..i think it's because of the expressions :)


  3. Yes, that dress is really cool. I like that print too. And I remember the place - even we have a pic with Ariv there, with the same back-drop.

  4. I love the dress you know that....and i love the pic more...the prints behin dthe prints is so beautiful...and you looks very fresh in the pic...one of my fav pic of u now..

  5. You look pretty here! PLus I LOVE the carpets ... I see Paisley in them ;)

  6. Thanks Pushpanjali
    Tanvi- Behind me is not carpet. It is some inlay work on a metal or stone in Taj hotel.