05 February, 2011

Happily Un-Divorced

I so much agree with it. On Facebook, we have a different relationship status. I guess, one more should be added and that is- Happily Un-Divorced.

I personally know an ample number of people- all married and yet leading their separate lives. Not choosing to get a divorce for various personal reasons. Yet, living in separate bedrooms, moving in different directions of life, even choosing to have extramarital relationships.  People who are their friends are absolutely non-judgemental about it. And these people are quite frank and open about their Happily Un- Divorced status.

There are people I know, who would react to this situation on the grounds of morality etc. But, as I always say, " only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches".

What do you have to say about this issue?


  1. I think this would work well for some as they would appear united . I think it is good for children. One way of looking at this is both husband and wife would be free from the conflicts that would be creeping up in their life.

  2. Its true such situations are on the increase.A sort of co existance, but the kids these days are so smart that they do sense it in a jiffy.

  3. It works fine. I agree with it.

  4. Hey Kiran - Love the coin you have termed - happily undivorced. This is the life that many people lead. There is some wisdom in it, specially when children are involved, but it has its drawbacks too.
    Great to connect over the web, after tango :)
    I love fitness too so will be reading you as fast as you can write.