07 February, 2011

Personal Stylist

Like every woman, I too love shopping and I am very good at it too (yes, self praise). Also I have a sense of style, fashion etc. I have always shopped for my mom, my sisters and my friends, who always rely on my choice and my opinion. So recently, when I got my first big offer of personal style shopper, I was absolutely ecstatic. This woman, who works as a reporter for an international news channel, said, she had always admired my style personally and on my blog. It is fantastic to get paid for what you really enjoy doing. And here I am getting paid to shop. Another big fat assignment, is to shop for Indian trousseau. And the budget for trousseau in an Indian wedding is BIG. This girl, like me, likes traditional, woven saris as opposed to badly and sadly embroidered saris. I am sourcing her saris directly from the weavers. And she is already recommending me to few of her other friends about to get married and even to her wedding planner.

Talking about bad, so called, designer saris, laden with even worse embroideries. I can seriously, write another blog, depicting all our Hindi soaps on various TV channels. Those saris, seriously need to be banned. Who in the world wears such gaudy stuff with loads of make up and jewelry and sits at home? They are such an eye sore. Well, come to think of it, I have personally seen woman dress like that in real life and real weddings.

Anyways, lets rejoice my assignments.
And here is another creation of Yours Truly. It is about five year old.
Bracelet: Aza jewels
Ring: Forever 21


  1. Class & simplicity are hallmark in the dresss you choose to select & wear..For instance the one you are are wearing in this post simply looks great on you.Naturally people want to take your help in dresses

  2. Getting paid to shop...awesome...

  3. oh wow sexy back pretty pretty dress and congratulations dear you surely deserve it

  4. Congrats Kiran, happy for you. You look gorgeous in that dress.

  5. How awesome to get paid to do something you love! I could never be someone else's personal shopper. I know what I like/what suits me, but I wouldn't know the first thing about dressing people who have different styles/ages/personalities/occasions etc!

    This is another lovely dress :)


  6. WOw...what innovation! Really cool.
    And I loved your jewelry pieces too.

  7. This is so beautifully designed.....and fits your body perfectly. Did you buy the fabric as it is or did you get the designs on it done too. Can you please please give me a detailed description of the dress. Like what is the colourful part in the skirt and sleeves made of? Did you buy the fabric like that or did you get those designs printed in that way? Is that a glittery saree border at the bottom hem? And what are the little chakra like things hanging from the ties at the back? I really really want this dress. :)

    Wish I could make it! :)


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