17 April, 2011


Sometimes, a single thought/word/line/ person has a great impact and influence on your life. 
Very recently I came across this website. Check the link here.
It has brought a great change in me. A self confessed shopaholic in me,  has not shopped anything after my trip to Pondicherry. For me that is a huge achievement. I do not know whether it is a short lived, momentary and passing phase or it would continue for long. I am just going with the flow. I have not banned myself from shopping or taken any pledge or oath. Yet, I just do not feel like shopping anything. I feel just contended at home.
Let us see if this phase is temporary or permanent. As of now, even I do not know.

Following pictures were shot with camera phone. Hence, not sharp. Excuse the bad quality please.


  1. nice blog...informative and good tips to stay fit as well...lovely pics :-)

  2. I hope you stay with it. Sometimes you know the urge to shop is like hunger. lol. And the pictures aren't that bad. Nice healthy smile!

  3. Oh you changed the template. Good advice.

  4. Recently I have been trying to be a minimalist too. I didn't shop for 6 months - and didn't even miss it! In the last 2 months I have had only two shopping sprees. It feels good to enjoy what I already own without feeling the need to go and buy more.