04 January, 2012

Chanderi Saris for sale.

Remember my previous Chanderi sari sale that I put on my blog here and here and how it got quickly sold off here.
Since then, many of you have been inquiring about my next Chanderi Sari sale.
The pieces were all under production with my weavers. Each piece, being hand woven, takes about a month to finish. The weavers get maximum orders during the wedding season but also in that wedding season, if any one of them has a wedding at his place, the whole of the community gets busy with that one person and the work gets compromised. Winter is a best time to get the full stock, when they are sitting and weaving in their workshops. This is the time to see the maximum pieces. Also these pieces do not get repeated. If a piece is sold off, it is very difficult to recreate the same one again. Specially so because these are hand woven and not run of the mill or machine made.
Most of my pieces get sold in an exhibition that I privately put. But before the exhibition that I am having within a week, here is a sneak peak for my blog readers to first have their pick.
Every piece is priced the same at Rs. 11,000/-
These are not bling bling saris with embroideries on them. Only a person with unique taste wears and buys this kind of stuff. But rest assured, if you wear this, you will stand out of the whole crowd and be noted for your classy taste.

I have shown 1 full opened sari with pallu and then its color variations.
I can be contacted at kiran.sawhney@gmail.com
It is the preview of the latest collection of over 100 Chanderi Saris. I have taken multiple shots and put multiple pictures so that the colors are more clear.

Style 1.

Style 2.

Style 3.

Style 4.

Style 5.

More in the upcoming blog posts.