21 May, 2012

Delhi page 3 fashion/make up faux pas

I have earlier done a blog post about fashion faux pas here and then make up faux pas here.
This post is about Delhi page 3 fashion/make faux pas. One fashion that Delhi seriously needs to get rid of is puffed up hair. 

Cats do puff their hair because cat’s fur is like a pressure gauge of their emotional moods. The higher it rises, the more pressure our cat is feeling. Fur puffing is a survival instinct designed to make our cat look bigger to whatever is threatening them. Make no mistake: fur puffing is always a threat response.

Second fashion/make fashion faux pas in Page 3 circle is colored eye lens. Cmmon, Delhites we have beautiful straight hair, great color of eyes- black, hazel brown etc. Take pride in your natural self. 
Both these clearly look so artificial.

You may fire back at me and talk about my fuchsia hair extensions. But that is because of my obsession with fuchsia color, my experimental and playful nature and just a very passing and temporary thing. 

But puffed up hair all the time, HEAVY made up/dolled up face, colored eye lens, is now overdone and big no no. I want to now see some less made up face (less pan cake please), less pouts, little less made up and some more natural hair and definitely natural eye colors. Give those. You will look hotter.