22 June, 2012

Swiss air business class

I have to admit that I am a bit spoilt and pampered and I like it that way. I cannot travel economy and love the luxury of flying business class. I like the business class lounges, etc.

I have written about my review for Lufthansa business class here. And here is a verdict about Swiss business class.

Lets say the positives first

Great comfortable seats with 180 degree flat bed. I had my individual seat as compared to the centre row where there were 3 seats together. Enough room on the side too.

Now the negative

As compared to other business class lounges, it was not so good. No great spread of food. There was one interesting Indian vegetarian pulao kept hidden on the side though (I still found it).
My Internet also did not work in the lounge. For some people it was working. But mine did not work and they could not fix the problem either.
In flight food- Despite writing big about some special chef, who was specially preparing food for guests during this time, I did not fall for the kind of food that was served. I mean, I won't say that it was too bad. But it was no great shakes either.

Overall experience

Since I am not a great foodie and good comfortable seats matter to me more. I would still give Swiss air some brownie points because of their flat beds.

I do not drink wines. And do not have much knowledge about it. Hence, cannot comment how they were.

He was the chef who was preparing food for the business class.

Before landing, I was served little pasta, zucchini and 2 cocktail samosas.

I had ordered vegetarian meal. This is what I got.


I only had the salad bowl on top left. Added little olive oil to it. I also had the tomato and the lettuce from the plate.

Main course- This is what I did not like and they could not replace it.

Must say that the desert was nice.

I wanted a fresh fruit platter. I got this. It was little soggy.

Loved the cheese platter.