28 November, 2012

Tango teacher in Delhi

Here comes a very official post about Tango. The official photographer who clicked the pictures below, was officially prohibited to click me. Yet, I officially have these pictures and am officially posting them.

Tango is an intimate dance of emotions and passions. For me it is an addiction. 

Now here is the official version of Tango scene and politics in Delhi/India. 
Tango is still upcoming in India. In Delhi, the community is really small. Bunch of about 50 people. There is a self claimed teacher, who has officially learnt it only by watching youtube videos. One month of learning with him means 10 months of unlearning. Then came another Tango enthusiast from Chicago. You can know more about him here.
Last year the video teacher organized his first Tango festival. You can see my pictures here. And then we had differences. You can read about it here.
A year passed and I had lots of good opportunities to enhance my skills and learn under Worlds's top teachers in Argentina, Spain and Tokyo. This year the video teacher and the Chicago returned organized another Tango festival in Delhi. 
Their jealousy and insecurity was/is so high, that Yours Truly was not officially invited to the festival. 
Below you see my pictures of milonga in Gym Khana. That is a public place, where any member of Gym Khana can sign you in. Hence I had a ball of time there, much to their chagrin. 

All this while I have stayed away from teaching Tango, from Tango politics. I stated my reasons for not teaching Tango here. But like they say, "Never say never." Guruji has always said, "Whatever you resist, persists". And so seems to be in my case. I guess it has to be. Now Yours Truly heads towards official Tango teachers training and would take a plunge into officially teaching tango. Enough of dealing with the buffoons as Tango teachers and monopolizing the Tango scene. It is high time that their bubble bursts. Certain people have left me with no other choice but to give them a head on collision. Resolution 2013 declared.