09 October, 2014

Quick step to activate your fat burning hormones

To burn fat, you need to do some moderate intensity cardiovascular activity, do light weight training and reduce sugars, starch and saturated fats from your diet.
The following pointers help you reduce fat easily and effectively
Eat lot of fresh vegetables like lettuce, leafy greens, salads, etc. Try to eat raw vegetables. Apart from this you can saute, bake, grill or have boiled vegetables. Add variety of vegetables and cook it in different ways.

Foods that need to be deleted
Red meats (full of saturated fats), carbohydrates like rice, burger, pizza. Have proteins which are essential for energy during workout, for repair from wear and tear and for growth. Proteins also take care of cravings. Hence, you do not binge.
Cut all sugars from your diet.  Fructose is different from sucrose but is still a culprit in fat gain. Similarly some vegetables that are high in starch should also not be consumed. Artificial sweeteners are even worse. Ban all fruits that are very sweet, alcohol, cakes, chocolates, cookies, processed food. Target should be to burn the stored fat in your body.
Schedule your meals and stick to those schedules. Try to have early dinner.

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