28 February, 2012

Meeting Shreya and Leia for lunch

Today I met these wonderful girls- Shreya and Leia for lunch at Amour in Hauz Khas village.
Leia is a blogger. You can check her blog here. Leia is also a piano teacher. Leia blogs about her daily fashion, her exquisite nail art, flower arrangements, her baking recipes, etc. Leia is from Dhaka. She has recently moved to Delhi, after her wedding. I have been following her blog for quite some time now and was overjoyed when I got to know that she is moving to Delhi. We have met earlier before and she has featured in my blog here before. 

Shreya is a wonderful person, who has been a client, friend, my ardent blog reader and much more. We connect well together. You would remember seeing her here before where I sang her praises.
Once Shreya had sent me a lovely bouquet. It was featured here on this blog and her lovely card was featured here on this blog.

What I am wearing:
Skirt: Joss. I have worn it here and here before.
Shrug: Trendy Diva. I have worn it here before.
Top: Marks and Spencer
Heels: Ferragamo
Glares: Gucci

Leia has written such a lovely post about our lunch session. I am so honored and delighted. Do check the post here.