14 October, 2014

Few disgusting pictures online

Blogging, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, everywhere, we see lot of beautiful pictures, selfies, styles, etc that everyone posts.
However, sometimes I come across pictures, when my instant reaction is Eww! yuck!
I would not share those pictures (just to be politically correct) but I would describe few shots which evoke that reaction

1. Women posting pictures with unshaven underarms- Pray why? You could shave them, hide them give a different angle or least you could do some photoshop easily.

2. Women posting pictures with ugly shoes- I have written many posts about the shoes I dislike like here and here. I am not saying/wanting that every women should have similar shoes as mine. But some women do wear really ugly shoes.

3. Make up like this.

4. Vulgarity like this.